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Living On a Jet Plane: Oregon Retiree Turns a Boeing 727 into a Home

If you wander through the woods surrounding Portland, Oregon and find yourself near the city’s western Hillsboro suburb, you might come across a strange sight.

Hidden between the pines, propped up on two massive concrete pillars – is a Boeing 727 passenger jetliner.

At first, you might think it has crash landed there and had been salvaged. but in actuality, the plane has been placed there very intentionally, by one man with a very unique vision.

Who is this person, and why has he bought and placed a perfectly good plane in the middle of a forest?

Read on to find out!

Lost in the Field

If you look at aerial photos of the woods in south-western Hillsboro, you might come across a curious shape tucked away between the fields and trees.

In a small stretch of unobtrusive, cleared out land, rests a Boeing 727.

Between the 1960s and late ’80s, Boeing 727s were some of the most widely used planes by major international airlines – but, as they began to be phased out in the 1990s, their prices dropped.

Retired planes are usually ground up for scraps – but in 1999, a man by the name of Bruce Campbell purchased one of these iconic jetliners – with very specific plans in mind.

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