HP DVD/CD Rewritable Drive Model-DS-8A8SHH116C P/N 657534-HC0


The HP DVD/CD Rewritable Drive Model DS-8A8SHH116C is a reliable and versatile optical drive that allows you to read, write, and rewrite DVDs and CDs. With its compact design and high-speed capabilities, it is an essential accessory for your HP laptop or desktop.

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The HP DVD/CD Rewritable Drive Model DS-8A8SHH116C is a high-quality optical drive designed to enhance the functionality of your HP laptop or desktop. This versatile drive allows you to read, write, and rewrite various types of DVDs and CDs, providing you with convenient options for data storage, software installation, and multimedia playback.

With its slim and compact design, the DS-8A8SHH116C drive seamlessly integrates into your HP system, occupying minimal space and adding minimal weight. It is easy to install and connects to your computer through a SATA interface, ensuring fast and stable data transfer.

The drive supports a wide range of formats, including DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-R, and CD-RW, allowing you to create personalized DVDs and CDs, backup important data, and burn audio or video files. It also features a high-speed reading and writing capability, enabling quick access to your disc-based content.

The DS-8A8SHH116C drive is engineered with advanced technologies to ensure reliable performance and excellent disc compatibility. It features an optical laser lens for precise reading and writing, as well as buffer underrun protection to prevent errors during the burning process. Additionally, it supports various disc formats, including single-layer and dual-layer DVDs.

Upgrade your HP laptop or desktop with the HP DVD/CD Rewritable Drive Model DS-8A8SHH116C and enjoy the benefits of a versatile and efficient optical drive. Whether you need to install software, burn discs, or watch movies, this drive provides a reliable and convenient solution for all your disc-related tasks.

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